Jailbreak ios 6.1 iPhone 5 release

Jailbreak ios 6.1 iPhone 5
A jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1, the latest software for touch iPhone, iPod and iPad was released a little less than a week after Apple released the latest version of the mobile software.

@ Planetbeing fulfilled the promise that the software would be available today. Download links for the latest version of jailbreak software available for Windows, OS X and Linux, has been launched today.

"Jailbreak" is the process in opening blocked until barrier external software applications accident outside the platform. Contibutors allows third parties to have access to more functions of the device, which sparked a huge, but completely independent of the ecosystem due to the lack of applications Apple App Store.

These applications are available through third parties such as Cydia stores often increase device functionality and offer services not normally allowed in the ecosystem of the strict application of Apple.

Following a ruling by the privacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in 2010, jailbreak an iPhone or iPad is explicitly legal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), despite opposition from Apple. Jailbreaking iOS powered device will void your warranty, but restoring the device in iTunes to return the device to its original state.

But from the point of view of safety, while a jailbreak device can open your smartphone or tablet applications unverified by Apple, other community can actually help make the platform more secure fixing vulnerabilities faster than Apple.

Apple has finally launched iOS 6.1 mobile operating system last week, providing support for the new 128 GB iPad model and a feature that allows users to reset advertising unique device ID.

Jason O'Grady ZDNet describes the property as "like your browser does not follow the" has more information about the function.

The software update also includes support for 4G LTE networks in a number of countries in Europe and the Middle East, and a set of security solutions for the platform.

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