Paulina gretzky scandal photo twitter gallery

Paulina gretzky scandal photo twitter : On Tuesday, we tend to (and several, several others) reported that Paulina Gretzky, daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, finish off her “racy” Twitter account — and by “racy,” we tend to meant it included pouty, provocative photos that wouldn’t be out of place on the Twitter feed of as regards to any 22-year-old aspiring model/actress.

What we tend to didn’t report (unlike several, several others) is that Paulina finish off her account as a result of Wayne told her to. Sure, one amongst her last tweets involved a conversation along with her dad regarding “social media..haha,” however will that mean the good One was thus offended by his daughter’s great ones (we can’t take credit for that) that he ordered them stricken from the web, as Toronto Star columnist David Graham originally speculated? perhaps. however let’s not forget: the person is married to a girl who posed for Playboy. thus perhaps not. Then again, it's usually a parent’s prerogative to be somewhat hypocritical relating to the behaviour of their kids, thus maybe! however, “You can’t tell me what to try to to, dad” feels like a probable finish to a “shut down your Twitter account, young lady” variety of discussion. thus perhaps not!

Or, because the Toronto Star currently suggests, “was the total factor a masterful stroke of self-promotion for a young girl who continues to be famous solely as a result of she is that the daughter of somebody famous?” this is often conjointly a possibility!

Either way, here are the facts: Paulina Gretzky’s Twitter account has been disabled, however you'll still realize those raunchy self-portraits everywhere the web (there’s a comprehensive archive over at everybody wins (loses?)!

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