PS4 Price $400?

PS4 Price
Japanese newspaper have suggested price tag of $ 400 in the next Sony console?

Reports suggest that swirl around Japanese newspaper Asahi News, PS4 console price to $ 400. However, as Kotaku pointed out, the report indicates that the console is only expected to sell for more than 40,000 yen, which is about $ 427.

PS3, once launched, it costs 60,000 yen in Japan and $ 499 - $ 599 in the United States on the basis of hard disk space. In anticipation of the holiday season - when the PS4 will be available in North America - with a price of $ 400, it would be very interesting, but it is not what the Japanese report.

Instead, it appears to have been only speculation that has been lost in translation and became another detail on PS4 filtering.

Are unlikely to know what the PS4 will cost some time, however, although most details are given in the case on February 20, because there is a big difference between the production of the first models of development and production the mass market.

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