AKG K67 Tiesto Headphones review

AKG K67 Tiesto Headphones
DJ like never before with AKG K67 headphones ever with Tiesto. These boxes were designed with legendary DJ and producer Tiesto live sound, studio work and DJ use.

Folding design 3D-Axis makes storage and transport of K67 headphones Tiesto simple and easy. Large 40mm drivers ensure that you will be able to hear you at your next event DJ.

Buy here AKG K67 Tiesto You Save: $47.11 (37%) 

The closed design of K67s rejects unwanted noise outside when you focus on your work. Grab a pair of headphones AKG K67 Professional quality Tiesto and see what it can do for you!

Affordable and of good quality, elegant look. I was looking for rhythms, but it happened, I would recommend this friends.Better beating of my heart, the real story.

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