Droid Razr HD Maxx HD specs review

Droid Razr HD Maxx HD
Today the parents from Motorola released the all new DROID RAZR HD and DROID RAZR MAXX HD to the world. each smartphones ar offered these days and we’ve been obtaining a number of queries on that one is true for you, or if the upper worth is worthwhile. whereas we want to pay longer with the MAXX HD to totally decide, below may be a video to point out you all 3 smartphones offered from Motorola’s RAZR skinny family.

At first look the RAZR HD and MAXX HD ar precisely the same. Being that they solely have 2 tiny variations you can’t even tell by observing them. On video you’ll notice simply a small increase in thickness, which is all. What’s the distinction for those speculative at home? The RAZR HD comes with 16GB of internal storage and a two,530 mAh battery for $199. The RAZR MAXX HD comes with 32GB of storage and a 3,300 mAh battery for $299. That’s all!

The DROID RAZR HD is .33-inches thick, or 8.3mm compared to the RAZR MAXX HD being .36-inch or nine.1mm total. Not a really massive distinction — and as you saw on our video it’s arduous to even see aside from the marginally thicker Kevlar back. Honestly once these 2 devices ar in your hands it actually is tough to even tell the distinction. The MAXX is slightly heavier however the distinction is marginal at the best.

For currently we have a tendency to can’t very suggest one over the opposite till we have a tendency to do some serious battery testing with the RAZR MAXX HD. Realistically if you don’t want the larger screen the DROID RAZR M for $99 is associate degree absolute steal associate degreed an awful, well rounded smartphone. For additional cross-check our DROID RAZR M Review. we have a tendency to additionally completed our review of the RAZR HD this afternoon and might safely say that phones battery can simply last most users a full day and additional thereupon massive two,530 mAh battery. If you’re actually distressed concerning battery life, perpetually on the go, or seriously want the extra storage the RAZR MAXX HD for $299 may be a smart decide. whether or not it’s value more|an extra} $99 is your selection till we have a tendency to check this unhealthy boy further. We’ll do some battery tests and report back soon!

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