New Google Nexus 7 android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Google Nexus 7 android 4.3
Today at Google’s event, VP of android hugo Barra introduced the new Nexus 7, also as android’s newest version, Android 4.3. All of those devices will receive the over-the-air update today.

Android 4.3 features new restricted profiles for teenagers, OpenGL|ES 3.0 for game developers, a redesigned camera interface, Bluetooth Low Energy support and general performance enhancements. Android 4.3 can still be known as ‘Jelly Bean’. Darrell wrote a post description every new feature in android 4.3.
new google nexus 7 android 4.3

Recently, Google started selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One with a pure android OS. As Google will update those devices pretty simply, the corporate mentioned that the Galaxy S4 and HTC One can receive the 4.3 update “very soon” also.

Google didn’t announce any unleash date of android 4.3 for third party device manufacturers. OEMs might have to take a look at their UI layers 1st (like Sense or TouchWiz) before rolling it out to their users.

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