Medal of Honor Warfighter review

Medal of Honor Warfighter review
EA Medal of Honor Warfighter released on Tuesday, October 23, and for people who purchase the sport these days, you’ll notice an outsized patch is awaiting you that addresses variety of key game problems.

On Tuesday morning, Semitic deity elaborate the “Medal of Honor: Warfighter” patch, that is presently live for transfer, and what it fixes. With the patch tweaking the visuals, single-player, multiplayer, and variety of general aspects, it's like as of “Medal of Honor: Warfigher” has been touched upon and improved in a way.

Below you'll notice complete details on the “Medal of Honor: Warfighter” patch.

New Features:
Now able to add friends and be part of parties whereas in-game.
Can invite others to your platoon or apply to affix a platoon whereas in-game.

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