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If you are thinking of getting Google's $35 Chromecast device, you higher get it now because it's selling fast.

Google's little digital TV receiver seems to be successful with customers, it's sold  out on and Best Buy's on-line store less than twenty four hours after going on sale. As of mid-morning, it was still available at the Google Play store and at some Best buy stores.

Chromecast is a device that resembles a USB jump drive. Users can attach it to the HDMI input on their TV and use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to dictate what videos or music they need to watch on their huge screen. For now, Chromecast can play content from Google Play, YouTube, Netflix and Google Music. Pandora is coming shortly.

But what actually has created Chromecast appealing is its $35 tag. that is slightly more than one third of the worth of its main rival, the $99 Apple TV. Add in Chromecast's free three-month subscription to Netflix, a price of about $24, and it is easy to see why customers ar snatching it up.

If you want to choose up the Google device, Google Play is still selling the device. sadly, though, you will have to wait 3 to four weeks before it'll ship to you.

For a shorter wait time, you may also try EBay. There, many dozen users have listed Chromecast for sale and say the device might arrive to consumers by early next week. the value on EBay, though, can get pretty high. Some auctions, like this one, have already hiked the value beyond $100.

Another spot selling the Chromecast is Best Buy's retail stores. A interpreter for the company said all Best purchase stores should have the Google device available by Sunday.

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