The Ultimate Matrix Collection Blu-ray review

The Ultimate Matrix Collection
Been looking ahead to The Ultimate Matrix Collection bd version for a while. I actually have the HD-DVD trilogy that was impressive. Before that had the ten disc DVD version of the ultimate Matrix collection that was impressive.

The Blu-ray version is that the better of them (except that it does not come with a modern bust just like the DVD edition did).

At the time of purchase and of scripting this review the product information was wrong on the Blu-ray version. It claims it's a ten disc set, once it truly may be a vi disc set, 4 Blu-ray's and 2 DVD's. I notified of this, however who is aware of once they can get around to fixing it.

Buy here and get save $40.00 (62%)

Also it had been same that this is often a waste of cash in another review as a result of newer DVD players upscale. But this person should have not seen an upscaled film compared with a Blu-ray or HD-DVD version of the same. There is a giant massive distinction, I watch lots {of films|of flicks|of films} "upscaled" however all that will is permit you to observe a DVD movie on a HD TV, it improves the standard alittle however not enough to mention it's pretty much as good as Blu-ray or HD-DVD.

It is well worth the additional bucks to shop for one in all greatest movies within the last 20 years in stunning Blu-ray.

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