MVP Ryan Braun steroids Fails Drug Test

MVP Ryan Braun steroids The jury continues to be out on Ryan Braun's positive drug take a look at. And with Braun adamantly denying the employment of performance enhancing medication and vowing to exhaust the appeals method, the problem doubtless will not be resolved till January.

That gives baseball time to dialogue whether or not Braun if he is found guilty ought to lose his 2011 NL MVP award.

This won't be a Bud Selig decision, since the award is given by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. however Jack O'Connell, treasurer/secretary of the BBWAA, told USA nowadays in an e-mail that history indicates Ryan Braun's award would not be revoked for a failed drug take a look at.

It did not happen when 1996 NL MVP Ken Caminiti came clean regarding his steroid usage, nor when it became known Alex Rodriguez used steroids throughout his 2003 AL MVP season for Texas.

But ought to that history be what dictates current and future policy? Players clearly are being denied entry to the Hall of Fame due to PED use or suspicions. Why should not that philosophy be extended to the game's most coveted individual awards?

Give the Olympics credit for creating most drug cheats pay a value. Track's Ben Johnson had his 100-meters gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics snatched back when he flunked a drug take a look at. Marion Jones lost all 5 of her medals from the 2000 Sydney Olympics. And dozens of different athletes have had their performances off from the Olympic record books when failing drug tests.

If baseball is serious regarding rising from its steroid era do not the cheaters have to be compelled to face larger consequences?

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