Super Nintendo Revolution war game

Super Nintendo Revolution war game

War 3010 The Revolution Description:

super nintendo revolution war game

An alien race named Kyllen has enslaved humanity. On the world Joyec, rebels managed to require the Kyllen suddenly and seize one in all their battle fleets.

The player should currently guide their efforts in making an attempt to throw over the Kyllen. War 3010 could be a turn-based strategy game within which players move spaceships over a grid-map.

There are differing types of ships, like Fighters, Marauders or Destroyers, that differ in movement vary and weapon power. Weapon power is additionally divided into long and short vary, i.e. a ship that's superb at long vary combat might have poor shut ranged weapons etc.

During combat, the subsequent actions are often chosen from a menu: Movement, Attacking, terrain data, unit data, a map of the battlefield, overview of all units, as well as those of the enemy; and an choice to scout planets for technology.

When an attacking unit is among vary of an attacked unit, the attacked unit can invariably counter-attack (if it's not destroyed first). In later missions it becomes potential to scout planets for technology and upgrade ships, moreover as take management of area stations to make new ships. Ships can not be taken into successive mission but.

Super Nintendo Revolution war game
War 3010 The Revolution Cheats
Mini Game Passwords
C H C K R S Checkers
C H C K M T Chess
Z N X N V R Invaders
Q Q K F V W D Stage 10
N Z S T D T P Stage 11
L Y H J L B N Stage 12
D L G F H Q K Stage 13
H S J V L X F Stage 14
F Z R J T V P Stage 15
G Y W C K T H Stage 16
Y T B H M G H Stage 2
J R Q D G N P Stage 3
R C Z K T L N Stage 4
P W D N R S X Stage 5
T Z B M H K L Stage 6
C K X L D C N Stage 7
K C C R Z R T Stage 8
M B N V X J C Stage 9

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