Frigidaire stackable washer dryer review

Frigidaire stackable washer dryer review

Frigidaire stackable washer dryer pros and cons
Pros:Value for cash, Quiet Operation, economical as a result of less drying time
Cons:Small porthole access, little washer capability, loud buzzer
The Bottom Line: smart price if the capability works for you

I have currently had Frigidaire stackable washer dryer unit for over two years, and it's performed well. i'm undoubtedly glad that I got it over another prime load stacked unit: it's abundant quieter laundry, to the degree that you just virtually forget that it's running.  It conjointly leaves the garments less wet, so not requiring nearly the maximum amount time within the dryer.  Also, there seemes to me abundant less lint than I had before.

I solely have area for a stacked unit, and this was the most effective price I might realize in a very front load unit at the time.  It price concerning $850 with discounts fro Lowes.  Note that Lowes can beat any advertised worth by 100 percent, and provided free shipping, installation (to existing plumbing and vent) and disposal of my recent unit.

The main downfall is capability. I even have noticed that the worth of the individual front load stacked units have return down, and if I had to try and do it once more i'd a minimum of buy that style of unit with higher washer capability and see if I might get a combine for beneath $1000.

From a sturdiness perspective, have had no real issues. i used Frigidaire stackable washer dryer to be slightly skeptical of fridgidaire as a complete since it looks to be a lower price complete, however it's been fine and have since bought different fridgidaire applicances that i'm pleased with. the most issue I even have had is that the front metal panel where the controls are has return loose, and doesn't ward off in to secure. it's not affected operation, and certain if I spent longer I might discern the way to secure it.

It is not the foremost engaging unit in white sitting in our toilet, therefore i'm getting to build a closet space around it. however excluding no washer/dryers are that engaging, and even the flowery color korean units aren't specifically engaging, therefore why pay the $ on a washer with a ferrarri paint job that's not goint to match something in your laundry area.

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