Christina Applegate Up All Night and Free Agents

You grasp we tend to liked Free Agents and you furthermore may know we tend to loved Up All Night, however currently we would like to listen to from you. At the top of the day, it does not very matter what the TV critics say; it matters what you watch.

Yesterday, 48% of you guys allow us to grasp that Sarah Michelle Gellar's new CW show Ringer is price saving. Next up to the put it aside or Sink It plate are NBC's 2 new Wednesday comedies, Free Agents and Up All Night.
Let 'er rip! What did you think?

Free Agents stars Hank Azaria and Kathryn Hahn as 2 coworkers who find yourself sleeping along once his recent divorce and also the death of her fiancée. Buffy alum Anthony Head (Giles!) plays their offensively hilarious boss.

Will Arnett + Christina Applegate + Maya Rudolph + adorable baby = Everything you would like to grasp regarding Up All Night. On their own, every of these ingredients is pretty stellar, therefore did all four of them mixed along work additionally for you because it did for us?

Vote in our put it aside or Sink It polls and then head on over to the comments to defend your opinion and discussion with different TV fans. you recognize you would like to!

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