Watch tv on Android phone with SlingPlayer App

SlingPlayer App For Android: With your Android os Mobile phone to watch and take control of your home TV and DVR by applying SlingPlayer Mobile app. Just connected your 3G or Wi-Fi to a Slingbox SOLO, or PRO-HD, next the SlingPlayer Mobile will play everything you can see in your Television at home on your Android device. Using this app enables you to change the channels, control the DVR and enjoy your favourite shows right on your Android phone. Maintain take notice  to manage video source like: Wire set-top box and DVR, Satellite set-top box and DVR, Telco / IPTV set-top box and DVR, Basic cable, Digital Over-the-Air broadcasts (Slingbox PRO-HD only), Tivo, Apple TV, Home security systems cams.

You currently pay for great content at your home. Why be satisfied with other Android TV apps that only provide you with limited selection of content anytime you can enjoy anything that is on real TV? Get SlingPlayer Mobile plus a Slingbox and turn your Android phone to your home Television. The Slingbox Pro, Classic, AV, and TUNER aren't supported to use with SlingPlayer Mobile on Android, though they may stream with a few adjustments.

SlingPlayer Mobile app available on Android Market. If you're interested using this app you can buy it for $29.99 on Android Market. Let’s visit the Android market and get this app.

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